Podocare products

Podocare products

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Firming Nail Lotion:
A combined formula of antibacterial and anti-fungal ingredients provides long-term protection in fungal infections of the nail. The anti-inflammatory effect of Bisabolol and the active substances obtained from the witch hazel in combination with the proven effectiveness of provitamin B5, protect the toe and fingernails, making them strong and look more vital. Regular use protects fragile and broken nails, strengthens the cuticles and helps prevent fungal nails.

Nail protection cream:
Protective cream for intensive nail care. Directly applicable to the most irritated and sensitive skin, also between the toes for very chapped skin and annoying itching. The soothing effects of calendula and rosemary oil combined with the nourishing effect of Ceramides soothe and make the skin resilient. The antibacterial components protect and reduce the development of germs that are the source of fungal nails and infections such as athlete’s foot.

Protection deodorant:
Care and hygiene are the protection against mold growth on healthy feet. The effect of comfrey root and Azorella asiatica herb provides a positive effect on sensitive feet the skin is fragile and often irritated, especially between the toes. The antimicrobial and fungicidal properties of Undecylenic acid and lichen extract enhance the hygienic effect, while alcohol purifies the skin and toenails.

Anti Perspiration: 4 Actions
Cooling foam balm for burning feet and to prevent excessive perspiration (hyperhydrosis). Fourfold effect: reduces perspiration, prevents unpleasant odours, anti-fungal action, gives the feet a pleasant freshness. The high content of urea (10%) and Shea butter keeps the skin nourished, well hydrated and prevents blistering. Not greasy and absorbs quickly. Extremely suitable for athletes.

Callus, Extremely Dry Skin
Hydrating foam balm for extremely dry skin and strong calluses. The formula contains 10% urea and has an intensive skin softening function, strengthens the skin, keeps it elastic and well hydrated. Regular use prevents strong calluses. Contains Aloe vera gel, which protects and soothes the extremely dry skin. Not greasy and absorbs quickly.

Callus and Gorges
Nourishing foam balm for rough skin and chapping. Contains an effective combination of 15% urea, Shea butter and ingredients rich in vitamins A and E, which nourishes and hydrates the skin. Not greasy and absorbs quickly. Works particularly soothing and protective and is therefore especially suitable for feet with strong calluses and gaps. Regular use stimulates the recovery of the skin and helps slow the ageing process of the skin
Regular use of PODOCARE Foamy balm improves the well-being of the foot skin.