Remove corns & fissures treatment



Remove corns & fissures treatment

What can Medical Pedicure Esther Amsterdam mean for you?

Sometimes calluses can split and burst. This often occurs at the heel and is very painful. These gaps can even bleed and become inflamed. The cause is that the callus is very dry. Especially when walking barefoot and in the summer, the callus is drier and chaps easier. I can remove the hard edges manually or mechanically and post-treat them with a good foot cream. These products can be obtained at the practice. An open gap can be treated and connected with Betadine ointment. A gap that is not open can be treated with the right foot cream. I can advise you more at your appointment.

A corn is a hardened, inwardly grown callus core in the shape of a pointed pouch, with the tip in the skin. Usually the corn develops in a callus area as a result of prolonged local friction and pressure. The color is glassy and yellow. The callus core or callus can exert pressure on nerve endings and therefore cause a great deal of pain. In time, tissues can become even more inflamed by the constant pressure exerted by the corn. Wearing the wrong sized shoes can result in an incorrect positioning of the foot or the toes, and thus causes corns. I can expertly remove the corn by cutting and milling the corn and it will disappear immediately.

Of course it is important to determine the cause so that the corn will not come back in the future, I will help you with this.

If you want to get rid of your fissures and corns quickly, you can make an appointment directly online.