Rheumatic foot treatment

Rheumatic foot treatment 

It is estimated that there are approximately 3 million people with joint complaints in the Netherlands. Many of these are rheumatic patients. Of all these people, 80 – 96% have foot complaints. Timely treatment by Medical Pedicure Esther Amsterdam can reduce or eliminate your symptoms. There are more than 200 different kinds of rheumatism. The most common rheumatic condition is rheumatoid arthritis. Approximately, 450,000 people in the Netherlands are being treated by a rheumatologist. If your doctor finds a rheumatic condition, you can have your feet examined by a medical pedicure preventively. Treatment by a medical pedicure can prevent unpleasant symptoms at a later stage, through proper instruction and treatment of your feet. Complete healing of rheumatic foot complaints is not possible, but a reduction of your symptoms is often possible. Also in a later stage (if you already have symptoms) the medical pedicure can offer a solution for less painful feet. The medical pedicure treats complaints that arise from abnormal functioning of the feet or the walking pattern.

Medical Pedicurist Ester Amsterdam, also treats skin and nail disorders and gives preventive advice. As a rheumatic patient you almost always have to deal with unwanted calluses and cornering on your feet. This has to do with the changing position of feet and toes. The tissue under the ball of your foot that becomes thinner or shifts can be a result of shoes that do not fit well anymore.

As a rheumatic patient you can also experience changes to your nails. This is often a consequence of the fact that the toes are in oppression because there is little space in your shoes. Often there is also a position deviation of the foot.

The following nail abnormalities may occur: discoloration and thickened or extremely thin nails and callus formation under the nails.

Why go to a Medical Pedicure? The feet of rheumatic patients are often extra sensitive due to joint inflammation, bursitis, wear in the joints and / or changes in position. This gives too much or too little callus formation.

For a pedicure treatment of rheumatic feet, specific knowledge is necessary. A medical pedicure possesses this knowledge.

Medical Pedicurist Esther Amsterdam can also advise you on skin care products and the choice of your shoes.