Fungal Nails or Fungal Nails Treatment

Fungal Nails or Fungal Nails Treatment

Fungal nails have nothing to do with lime. It is a fungal infection that affects your nails, making them look calcareous. A quarter of the population sometimes suffers from this stubborn mold. Everyone has innocent fungi on his skin. They love moist, warm places and therefore feel at home on our feet. Only when such a fungus enters the skin or nails and expands, you have an infection.

In our bodies you find different organisms and bacteria. Normally these organisms and bacteria ensure that your body stays healthy.But when the balance gets disturbed, these bacteria continue to grow until problems start to occur. This can occur even in the nails of your fingers or toes.Then there is a nail fungus or fungal nails the term is onychomycosis. Almost all disorders in the finger and toenails are caused by onychomycosis. This is the most common nail condition. Far more often people suffer from fungal nails in the toes than in the fingers. This is because a fungal infection can occur more quickly with the toes.

What can Medical Pedicure Esther Amsterdam mean for you

See tab on this website PACT® Fungal Nail Therapy 100% effective in fighting fungal nails.

It is certainly possible to get rid of this annoying problem, experience has shown with the right attitude, perseverance, patience and my guidance you can get rid of.

Or I can advise you a cream, gel or liquid to fight the fungus. I will also thoroughly dig the thickened nails so that pain and extra pressure is prevented. Also, if desired, I can place a nail if a large part of the fungal nail has crumbled (this may require a longer treatment time, this can be done in consultation).

Because fungal spores also settle in your shoes and you continue to contaminate in this way, it makes sense to treat all shoes inside with a fungicide. This so that you will not be contaminated again. It takes time before the affected (yellow) parts of a nail have completely grown. Fighting fungi requires time but you have a real chance to get healthy nails again. Naturally, I apply hygienic measures during the treatment. It is very important to remain consistent in treatment for optimal results. I would be happy to advise you personally on the best approach to this problem.

How to recognise infected nails

A fungal infection often has the following course:
  • A fungus almost always settles first in a large toenail.
  • A nail first discolours white or yellow.
  • Later the nail turns yellow-brown or ocher yellow.
  • The nail becomes thicker, bumpy and friable.
  • In the end, the nail is completely or partially released.
  • It is also possible that a nail immediately releases.
  • The nail can be ingrowing or grown in the nail groove.

Prevention is better than cure

What can you do to ensure that you do not suffer from a fungal nail, below a few tips:
  • Do not share nail scissors / cutter with someone else.
  • Try to avoid damage to the nails by wearing good shoes (especially when running), carefully cut your nails without damaging the skin.
  • Keep the skin clean and dry.
  • Be careful with the use of soap, too much can be an incentive.
  • Maintain the nails well, or have your feet and nails properly maintained by Medical Pedicure Esther Amsterdam.
  • Always wash your hands well with an anti-bacterial, PH neutral soap.
  • Always wear slippers in a gym or other public space.
  • Do you swim regularly? Then wear water shoes to prevent infections.
  • After a visit to a swimming pool or wellness center, take a foot bath with tea tree oil or another fungicidal oil.


Nails are annoying, painful, troublesome and the cause of much shame. Yet you can do a lot to get rid of the condition. Especially good hygiene and skin treatment is essential to properly treat fungal nails. Of course you can get this treatment at Medisch Pedicure Esther Amsterdam, I will help you to make your feet healthy and to keep them healthy.
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