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Medical Pedicure Esther Amsterdam is the address where you can go for professional and specialist foot care in Amsterdam. To make an appointment, I refer you to this website, here you can make an appointment online. For questions I request you to send an e-mail.
- Esther Medical Pedicure & Sport Pedicure -

The practice in Amsterdam

The practice is open for medical pedicure treatments.

Medical Pedicure Esther Amsterdam offers you affordable and professional care for your feet.

PACT® mold nail therapy

This is a special treatment method. To ensure the quality of this treatment therapy, I followed a special training as a Medical Pedicure in 2015.

Sport Pedicure

In addition to Medical Pedicure, I am also a Sports Pedicure and especially specialized in getting fungal nails / fungal nails back to health (see PACT Fungal Nail Therapy), since 2015.


I offer different treatments for your feet. For information about rates, treatments and making an appointment, you can find everything on this website.


You will receive an email confirming the appointment. In the unlikely event that you do not receive this confirmation, please send an e-mail.

Treatments Medical Pedicure Esther Amsterdam

These are the available treatments in our practice

PACT® Fungal
Nails Therapy

New Effective Treatment Of Moldy Nails


This is the basic treatment, cleaning, nail clipping etc.


You can contact us for the application of various specialist techniques

calluses treatment

When the top layer of the skin has thickened, it is called calluses

corns & fissures treatment

Calluses can crack and crack. A corn usually develops in a callus

of Kalknagels

Het is een schimmelinfectie dat nagels aantast, waardoor het er kalkachtig uit ziet

Other Risk
Foot Treatment

Diabetic, rheumatic, elderly, spastic foot & oncological foot

& Pedicure

Athletes can deal with various foot complaints, see treatments


Diabetes Metabolic Disease, see treatment for more information


Treatment which can reduce or eliminate your complaints

All treatments

What patients think of the different services and treatments

PACT® mold nail therapy

Fungal nails are a very common problem

From my own experience in my practice I have already achieved very good results with the PACT® Fungal Nail Therapy. The correct guidance and treatment from me as a Medical Pedicure is essential.

New effective treatment for fungal nails

PACT® Fungal Nail Therapy is a new method for the treatment of fungal nails that is almost 100% fungicidal. This innovative treatment therapy from Germany originated in the dentist world.

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Frederik Hendrikstraat 154 (corner building), 1052 JE Amsterdam

Our location offers ample parking (paid parking)

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