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Anatomy of the foot

We don’t realise it very often, but feet are very important. They ensure that we can walk upright and wear the whole body. The foot consists of the foot root, the mid-foot and the toes. In total you have 52 bones in your feet, which is a quarter of all bones in your body. Furthermore, each foot has 33 joints, 107 bands and 10 muscles or tendons.

Preventing foot complaints is better than cure, so have your feet treated and / or checked regularly at Medical Pedicure Esther Amsterdam is essential.


  • About 60% of the population has regular foot complaints.
  • Women suffer from their feet 4 times more often than men. Cause: (high) heels. A heel of 6 cm. tax the forefoot by 75%.
  • Our feet contain 250,000 sweat glands, which produce almost a quarter of a liter of fluid per day.
  • We average 8,000 to 10,000 steps per day, in a lifetime this is about 185,000 kilometers: 4 times around the world!
  • The world record largest shoe size -62- is in the name of Leonid Stadnik. With 2.55 meters also the biggest man.
  • Numerous nerves come out in our feet.
  • If you have sore feet, it has an effect on how you feel further.

PACT® Fungal
Nails Therapy

New Effective Treatment Of Moldy Nails


This is the basic treatment, cleaning, nail clipping etc.


You can contact us for the application of various specialist techniques

calluses treatment

When the top layer of the skin has thickened, it is called calluses

corns & fissures treatment

Calluses can crack and crack. A corn usually develops in a callus

nails or fungal nails

It is a fungal infection that affects nails, making them look chalky

Other Risk
Foot Treatment

Diabetic, rheumatic, elderly, spastic foot & oncological foot

& Pedicure

Athletes can deal with various foot complaints, see treatments


Diabetes Metabolic Disease, see treatment for more information


Treatment which can reduce or eliminate your complaints

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