PACT® Fungal Nails Therapy

PACT® Schimmelnagel Therapie

PACT® Fungal Nails Therapy

Moldy nails are a very common problem

From my own experience, I have already achieved a lot of good results with the PACT® Fungal Nails Therapy. The proper guidance and treatment from as medical pedicurist is essential. For this reason and due to the increase in requests from clients to start this therapy, Medical Pedicurist Esther Amsterdam owns 2 PACT lamps. As a result, the treatments can now be performed twice as fast. This therapy is highly recommended if you want to get rid of your moldy nails.

Below you will find the full information on how the therapy is going to work.

A moldy nail is a nail infected with a fungus. If the fungus can penetrate the nails and expand, it is an Onychomycosis (medical term for fungal nails). A fungal infection can easily occur in damaged nails due to, for example, sports or kneeling shoes. Also moisture and heat increase the chance that fungi can nest in nails. Moldy nails are a common problem and are very difficult to treat.

New Effective Treatment Of Moldy Nails

PACT® Fungal Nails Therapy is a new method for the treatment of fungal nails which is almost 100% effective. This innovative treatment therapy from Germany originates from the dentist world. PACT treatments are effective and painless, without side effects (also suitable for women who are pregnant or want to become pregnant). The results and recovery phase to a healthy nail are unprecedented. PACT is an abbreviation and a scientific understanding of Photodynamic Antimicrobial Therapy. With this method, fungi can be killed very effectively on toenails and fingernails. The PACT® Fungal Nails Therapy, however, is not only about killing fungi, I will also look in to, together with you what we can change in the daily foot care that you yourself apply to your feet. So you can go through life with healthy, pain-free and beautiful feet.

How Does This PACT Work?

This treatment therapy consists of 3 sections, the preliminary course, the PACT treatment and the post treatment. In the first step, your “foot specialist” must first determine if it’s actually a moldy nail. Not all discoloured and/or thickened nails are moldy nails. It can also be a horn nail or a psoriasis nail. That is why you first choose an “Intake PACT Fungal Nail Therapy”, this intake is necessary so that I can fully inform you in advance about the entire PACT Fungal Nail Therapy. If you then decide to start the PACT Therapy, we will schedule the first 4 appointments and start the actual PACT Fungal Nail Therapy.

PACT Treatment

In preparation for the PACT treatment, the moldy nail is thinly milled and roughened. Then a gel is applied to the nail containing the photosensitizer Toluidin blue (photosensitive dye). This dye draws into the moldy nail during the working time. After the operating time, a special PACT lamp with red LED light is placed over the nail. Because this light has a specific wavelength, the blue dye is activated in the gel and produces radical oxygen, which damages the cell wall of the fungus. If the cell wall is broken, a fungus can no longer live and dies. This treatment is performed in a period of approximately 10 days three times and an additional fourth treatment after one month. Because the cell wall of a human is different from that of a fungus, this method of treatment for humans is further harmless.


If the fungus is killed, we can start the post treatment. It is important that no re-infection occurs and the outgrowth of a new (healthy) nail takes place. In order to prevent re-infection, places where fungal infection can happen should be avoided or take as much precaution as possible. A number of matters are important here; wash your feet well, after washing dry thoroughly between the toes and daily clean socks. The shoes that are worn during the fungal infection should be disinfected daily with a fungicidal spray before they are put on. It is also advisable to use an anti-fungal product on the nail in the first period after treatment to protect it as much as possible from re-infection. To support and stimulate the outgrowth of a new (healthy) nail, the use of a special nail cream is recommended. As a Medical Pedicurist, Medical Esther Amsterdam would like to advise you how and what to use, all products are available at the practice. I will also inform you in detail about the use of these products. The products are also suitable for everyone and have no side effects or contra-indications.

PACT® Fungal Nails Therapy

The PACT® Fungal Nails Therapy is a special treatment method. In order to ensure the quality of this treatment therapy, Medical Esther Amsterdam, followed a specialised course in November 2015, in which this method has been learned in theory and practice. That is, if you are “therapy-loyal”, you can ensure that you get healthy and beautiful toenails. If you want to know what the possibilities are for the treatment of your moldy nails, book an appointment.

If you would like to have your feet and nails screened, make an online appointment for “intake PACT® Fungal Nails Therapy” on this website, If you are unable to schedule an appointment yourself online for “intake PACT® Fungal Nails Therapy” in the short term, please send an e-mail with the request that you want to maken an appointment quickly for an intake. In this case I will give you short term options. This is only possible for the”intake PACT® Fungal Nails Therapy”.

During this intake, I will advise you and I will prepare a treatment plan together, as the costs for the entire therapy vary each client, I will discuss this during the intake. The cost for this intake you will find in the rates section on this website.

For the treatment itself, in the first 10 days you come in for a treatment 3 times, after that you will receive 1 or 2 followup appointments once a month. Of course this is different for each person. It all depends on the seriousness of the situation. The rates of this therapy are not shown on this website they are told to you during the intake.

If you have any questions in advance, you can always send an email to Medical Pedicurist Esther Amsterdam.