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Sport & Pedicure

Foot complaints hinder athletes

In addition to Medical Pedicure, I am also a certified Sport Pedicure. Various groups of athletes have to deal with foot complaints, ranging from trauma nails and fungal nails, to calluses, blisters and corns. Regardless of the level at which athletes are active. foot complaints can significantly hinder performance. Research shows that more than half of the athletes suffer from one or more foot complaints, with some sports this even reaches 80 or 90 percent. These complaints can be annoying and hinder performance. Often, foot complaints worsen as athletes continue to go through longer.


Among soccer players, runners and (kick) boxers are trauma nails (damaged toenails) the complaint that is most often signalled. For tennis players, golfers and volleyball players, callus is at the top of the list. Hikers most often struggle with blisters, a disease that also scores high among runners. Over three quarters of the pedicures see gym visitors suffer from fungal nails. Other complaints that athletes experience include corns, fissures, broken skin and warts.


Dangers of sport itself, with the exception of martial arts, play a subordinate role with respect to traceable causes that determine pedicures in athletes. In some sports, poor maintenance of sports grounds or fields plays a role, but the most frequent causes of foot complaints are intensive or long-term workload. Long locked in shoes, often too narrow in fit. Prolonged warm and moist feet. A lot of friction and pressure (by speed and jump / landing). Wrong shoes and insufficient care of feet and toenails. It is precisely in that area that the added value of the Medical Pedicure lies.

Medical Pedicure Esther Amsterdam can play an important role in keeping feet healthy and treating complaints, especially preventively. For example, I give personal advice on the purchase of correct footwear and foot care. For example, not all athletes are equally familiar with the benefits of pedicure treatment.

Which problems do I often encounter at sports feet

• Blue nails
• Growing nails
• Torn nails

• Gap formation on the heels
• Hyperhydrosis (sweaty feet)

• Blisters
• Corns
• Fungal infections

What can Medical Pedicure Esther Amsterdam mean for you

• Prevent foot care and thus perform better
• Foot care advice
• Pressure relief during exercise (temporary)
• Definitive removal of fungal nails by means of the renewed PACT® Fungal Nail Therapy

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